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This document library allows you to learn and download technical information of the products grouped by categories.


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Exterior Cleaners

Interior Cleaners

Solvent Cleaners

Wheel & Brake Cleaners

Aircraft Polishes

Dry Wash Products

Astromat Products (Eldorado)

  • Astromat Orange – Non-Petroleum Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Astromat Orange DF (Astro ODF)
  • Astrosol Orange
  • Astrosol 37
  • Astromat IC
  • Astrosol D
  • Astrosol DA

Alkaline Etching

Alkaline etching is a critical step prior to deoxidizing or NDT inspection. Cee-Bee® Aviation’s Alkaline Etching products produce a fine etch on aluminum and its alloys. Cee-Bee® Aviation’s Alkaline Etching products are available in both powdered and liquid forms.

Cleaning & Dregreasing


Mold Release Cleaner

Pre – Cleanig Products

Descaling Products

Silicone, Paint and Carbon Removers

Corrosion Inhibitor Products

Additive Products

Lavatory Waste Line, Tank and Component Cleaners

Lavatory Deodorants

Lavatory Fresheners

Lavatory Cleaners

Cee-Bee Cleaning Machine

Acid – Actived Removers

Alkaline Actived Removers

Peroxid Actived Removers

Environmentally Friendly Removers

Selectively – Strippable System Removers

Methlyene – Chloride Bases Removers

Polysulfide & Silicone Removers

Tank – Type Paint Removers


Temporary Coating Removers

CIC & CPC Removers

Pre – Cleanig Products

Eldorado Exterior Cleaners – Technical % Appearance

  • Eldorado ALK-774
  • Eldorado ALK-660
  • Eldorado ALK-600
  • Eldorado ED-500
  • Eldorado GD-500

Eldorado Interior Cleaners- Cleaning & Sanitary

  • Astromat IC
  • Eldorado ED-332
  • Eldorado PT-162FA
  • Eldorado PT-162FA-W

Eldorado Paint & Bare Metal Polishes

  • Eldorado ED-403

Eldorado Solvent Cleaners

  • Eldorado ESOL-146
  • Eldorado ED-403

Eldorado Fuel System Calibration & Gas Path Cleaners

  • Eldorado ED-563
  • Calibration Fluid 77

General Purpose Cleaners & Degreasers

  • Eldorado ED-317
  • Eldorado ED-333

Eldorado Environmentally Compliant Paint Removers

  • Eldorado PR-5044
  • Eldorado PR-3133
  • Eldorado PR-2002
  • Eldorado SR-125A

Eldorado Chlorinated Paint Removers

  • Eldorado PR-3500
  • Eldorado PR-3400
  • Eldorado PR-3451
  • Eldorado PR-3500-35
  • Eldorado PR-3500NC
  • Eldorado PR-4028LO

Eldorado Immersión Paint Removers 

  • Eldorado CT-2400
  • Eldorado CT-2500
  • Eldorado HT-2230
  • Eldorado HTP-1150L

Eldorado General Purpose Cleaners & Degreasers

  • Eldorado ED-317
  • Eldorado ED-333

Eldorado Surface Treatments

  • Doradokote 4 (DK-4)
  • Magkote 19 (MK-19)

Eldorado Corrosion Removers

  • Eldorado AC-12
  • Eldorado AC-181
  • Eldorado AC-182
  • Eldorado AC-111
  • Eldorado AC-5
  • Eldorado HTP-1150L

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